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Buy without pressure. Sell without showings.

The new era of high tech marketing and internet allow us to provide better services with much less commission when we sell and buy home of all types: Detached, Semi-detached, Townhomes and condos.

We attract sellers, buyers and investors from all walks of life. If you take the example of a $600,000 home. You’re going to save somewhere between $15,000 – $20,000 of your hard-earned money.

Some customers ask why

How do you search for homes in 2021?

Some customers are concerned that perhaps our listings wouldn’t be shown because we do offer a lower commission to the buyer’s agent. And that’s probably the number one question we have to answer every day. In order to answer that, you have to look at how people search for houses in 2021.

They look first on the internet. All our listings are there along with all the other listings. Buyers look at homes on the web themselves and if the agent doesn’t take them to a house they’ll ask why.